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Virkon H2O - 10kg



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Virkon™ H2O

The ideal multifunctional disinfectant of choice for enhancing poultry drinking water quality and promoting great flock performance.

In line with the Virkon™ product philosophy “the science to kill pathogens,” the unique and powerful oxidising formulation of Virkon™ H2O has been specifically engineered to be used as part of a poultry production drinking water quality management process, to help:

  • Disinfect and acidify the water
  • Protect against infection, during stress and antibiotic withdrawal periods
  • Deter biofilm proliferation
  • Inactivate residual antibiotics in the drinking water line
  • Promote good flock performance

Food poisoning pathogens such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, and other organisms of concern like Pseudomonas can be introduced easily to the birds, and rapidly spread throughout the flock via contaminated drinking water supplies. It is therefore essential that the poultry have access to good quality, clean, safe drinking water throughout the duration of their life.

Whilst antibiotic treatment via drinking water ensures the birds receive an added boost to their natural immune system and helps improve performance, the reliance on them to ensure safe meat production is being challenged by governmental bodies and consumers worldwide.

In addition, a specified withdrawal time period must be observed prior to the birds going to slaughter to assure unacceptable concentrations of antibiotic residues do not occur in the poultry meat.

The introduction of vaccines, medication and feed additives to the water can potentially leave residues within the system. These residues can culminate in assisting the build-up of biofilms within the drinking water system and lines, resulting in reduced water flow, blocked drinker nipples, and the continuous recontamination of the drinking water itself.

Therefore, best practice continuous and terminal biosecurity; using a powerful dual action disinfectant and acidifying agent specifically developed for poultry drinking water systems is essential to help promote good flock performance during times of increased stress, feed additive and antibiotic withdrawal periods.

How to use

How do I use Virkon H2O?

Water disinfection methods:

  • Continuous disinfection:

Virkon™ H2O can be applied to closed drinking water systems as a measured application to the reservoir/header tank, or via suitable dosing equipment attached directly to the incoming water supply, on a continuous basis over a prescribed number of days.

Virkon™ H2O is suitable for preparation as a liquid concentrate stock solution, which can be readily deployed with suitable waterline dosing equipment.

  • Terminal disinfection:

All water systems can potentially contain some viral and bacterial contamination, especially header tanks where dust and debris can accumulate. Water quality, especially those sources which originate from a borehole, may be highly variable in respect to the microbiological status.

Virkon™ H2O can be used for terminal disinfection of the drinking water system, between flocks, as part of the ongoing biosecurity cleaning and disinfection programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Virkon H2O?

Poultry are natural hosts for a multitude of disease causing organisms, and the water they drinkduring their lifecycle can often be a potentially potent source of infection.

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