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Keeping Your Poultry Warm This Winter

Rowan Burgess |

Protecting your broiler flock throughout the winter months is crucial. Maintaining the best environment for your flock is essential for the health and growth of your birds.

There are a few do’s and don’ts that we would recommend:


Reduce draughts wherever you can! Gaps and air leaks should be covered or sealed to prevent cold damp air from entering the building, where you don’t it.

Minimum Ventilation

Correct minimum ventilation is crucial. It can be dangerous if you reduce the air flow too much as it can cause increases in Co2, ammonia and other harmful gasses. A sufficient ventilation system is important so that the moist warm air can be replaced with fresh clean air to stop any bacteria from forming in the litter.

Our SMV (Smart Minimum Ventilation) system controls the Minimum Ventilation 24 hours per day, it works in real time and brings on fans and heaters only as required. A standard cycle timer only operates as programmed and will bring cold air in regardless of the outside and inside conditions. The SMV has been proven to pay for itself in as little as 2 crops (Broilers). Speak to our advisors for more information regarding the SMV.

We would recommend a Winterwarm Boxer Heater, it is our most popular gas fired heater, it is 80kw and has been designed for intensive farming. The heater has a powerful fan that ensures a good temperature distribution.

Also available are the Winterwarm DXC & DXE internal combustion gas heaters which are vented outside the building, so there is no additional Co2 produced in the house this helps keeps a good dry atmosphere.

The Multiheat hot water units are another great option for heating poultry buildings, the unit controls the temperature, as well as co2 production and humidity. These heaters are used in conjunction with Biomass /Gas boilers, and we can supply the full range with spare parts available to buy online.

Need advice?

We have a range of products to help keep your birds warm in the winter, if you need advice our experts are here to help, please call us on 01845 578325 or email