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Best ways to keep your poultry housing free of rodents

Rowan Burgess |

Rodents are a huge problem for the poultry industry, if not managed correctly. There are many dangers caused by rodents from diseases and contamination to economic loss. Rodents appear usually from Autumn through to Spring because they need to source food, as their usual supply isn’t available because of harvesting. Meaning poultry housing becomes a firm favourite!

But why?

Rodents are attracted to poultry feed rather than the poultry themselves, so the best way to reduce rodents is to cut off their food supply. A good starting point is looking at your feed delivery, as the bin fills the exhaust blows out dust which gathers around the bin, we have a solution to this, the will keep the area around your bin free of meal.

Some of the problems they are known to cause include:

- Eating Poultry feed and water

- Eating eggs

- Creates stress for your flock, which can result in lowered egg production

- Contaminate feed, water and nests with their droppings and urine

- Carriers of lice, fleas, mites and other parasites

- Transmission of diseases

Food storage

Rats & Mice can gnaw through most materials baring metal. Review your storage solutions and replace with rodent resistant options. Clear any food spills immediately. If they can access high quality feed then they are much less likely to take even the highest quality bait.

Sensor lights

Rats dislike light, installing sensor lights in your store area will help.

Well-designed storage

Rodents are extremely talented at hiding, clean and clear all around the store area regularly reducing hiding places for them. Take time out to check your site for tell tale signs of activity, such as grease marks along walls and behind pallets.

Rodent poison

Our Roban and Rodex range have added sugars to increase palatability and include added aromas that rats and mice find highly attractive.

For rats we recommend Sapphire Grain and for mice we have had excellent results with Black PearlReduce new rats entering from your farm, they tend to travel along familiar routes such as hedges and drain channels, try to cut off the entry point, but don’t use permanent bait points. Please use Rodenticides responsibly and always comply with the CRRU Code of Best Practice, for more information visit