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Red Top Fly Trap - Genuine - beware of imitations

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The Redtop fly trap uses a safe and biodegradable bait which gets the flies before they get you!

Add 1 litre of water to the Redtop bait and hang away from your protected area.

Works for 12 weeks - sometimes even longer - and catches up to 20,000 flies. The Redtop should be placed about 10m (30ft) away from the area that you want to protect.

Hang about 2 - 2.4m (6 - 8ft) above the ground in direct sunlight.

The pheromone in the trap is triggered by UV light - the sunnier it is, the faster it starts working!

Redtop Fly Catchers

  • Used for successful fly control since 1981
  • Used in 27 countries worldwide protecting gardens, smallholdings, farms, stables, and kennels - anywhere that has flies.
  • Work even with fruit flies and pesticide resistant flies, catching them up to ten times faster than other traps.
  • No electricity required and, at less than 1p per 100 flies, are an economical solution to your fly problem.

The bait is especially appealing to female flies - so reducing the next generation. Simply hang the fly trap away from the area you wish to protect. Low cost, fool proof, disposable.

How to use


1) Remove the Red Top from the dish and unfold the bag
2) Straighten out the mesh cone and make sure that the hole at its apex is open
3) Add the bait and one litre of lukewarm water (if water is milky, allow to stand for 24 hrs. before use)
4) Replace the Red Top by clipping the lugs of the Red Top into the small holes in the cover-dish

Where to hang your Redtop:

Hang the Fly Catcher outdoors in a suitable position with sufficient sunlight. (Not closer than 15 metres from the living environment)

  • Not closer than 5 metres from fly breeding areas i.e. manure heaps, compost heaps, chicken runs, etc.
  • At head height or higher
  • In direct sunlight for temperate climates
  • In semi shade for very hot climates
  • Between the fly breeding area and the living environment

Slit the bag with a sharp instrument and drain into a compost heap or a hole in a garden bed (dead flies are rich in nutrients and make good compost) OR Place the trap in an old shopping bag and dispose of in to a garbage bin.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog’s eaten the bait – will it harm him?
No, it is unlikely to harm him. It’s organic and non-toxic, but dogs seem to find it appetising so, to be on the safe side, keep it out of their way.

How long will my trap last?
As long as it takes to catch approximately 20,000 flies! You don’t think you’ve got that many? You’ll be surprised. In a suburban garden without a fly problem, the trap may last well in excess of 12 weeks. In fact, this year’s trap may still be working next year. However, in a farm environment, we’ve known them to fill in about 3 days. It all depends on the scale of the problem.

Can I hang it up a tree?
Yes, as long as the trap still gets sunlight.

My flies are all around the poultry house/stable etc. Why do I have to hang it so far away?
Because you want to attract the flies AWAY from their breeding grounds and away from where they are causing you a nuisance. Also, if you hang it too close to an existing strong manure smell, the flies don’t notice the Redtop.

My kitchen is full of flies – can I hang it in there?
NO,the Redtop is an OUTDOOR trap – the smell which attracts the flies would soon be overwhelming indoors – and all those flies would be pouring into your kitchen to find it. One satisfied customer had previously been emptying his electric blue light UV trap in his kitchen of 300 flies every day. After he hung his Redtop outside, he hadn’t had to empty the UV trap in the kitchen for three weeks.

Does Redtop work on cluster flies?
Cluster Flies have a distinctive life cycle. In spring and summer they spend their life outdoors and it is in this period that you need a Redtop to catch them while they are outside. In late summer and autumn they make their way into your house – but they don’t fly in – they walk in through cracks and crevices, and gather in your roof space or attic. On warm days they attempt to get out – you’ll notice they make for the windows, repeatedly climbing up and dropping down, and this is when they become a real nuisance.

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